Die Mautstrasse Enterrottach

Enterrottach Toll Road

The Enterrottach toll road starts in Rottach-Egern south of Tegernsee and is the main access route for hikers and bikers to the Valepp hiking car park.

Access & Tolbooth

The Enterrottach toll road is accessible only for fee-payers and access is controlled by a barrier. The toll is paid at a toll machine at the start of the 10km route. A traffic light system shows how busy the parking spaces at the top are and if the Sutten chairlift is in operation.

Die Mautstelle der Mautstrasse Enterrottach
Toll Station Enterrottach
Up to date information for parking and chair lift


Visitors arriving via public transport can take the RVO bus 9560 from Tegernsee Station along the toll road as far as the Moni Alm.

Toll charges

The toll road charges depend on the size of your vehichle and the distance you plan to travel:

Mautgebühren Mautstrasse Enterrottach
Toll charge (as of 2022) are displayed at the toll booth Rottach-Egern


Discover some of the best Tegernsee sights along the toll road to Valepp. A hiking trail runs parallel through the woods, leading from the toll station car park to the Rottach waterfalls. Further along the trail you will come across the Sibli waterfall. Passing by the Moni Alm you can visit the Suttensee.


There are plenty of opportunitites for refreshments along the route:

  • Gaststätte Wildbachhütte at the Sutten chair lift station
  • Moni Alm
  • Lukas-Alm
  • Forsthaus Valepp (currently closed for rennovation, as of 2023)

Car Parks & Parking

There are several parking areas between Rottach-Egern and Valepp:

  • Toll Road Car Park (before the barrier)
  • Kistenwinterstube Car Park
  • Moni Alm Car Park
  1. How much does the toll road from Rottach-Egern to Valepp cost?

    Fees are based on vehicle type and distance. Car prices to the Sutten car park range between 3 euros (single trip) and 45 euros (annual ticket). Those driving the full length of the road to the Valepp hiking car park can expect to pay 6 euros.

  2. Where does the toll road to Valepp start?

    The toll road begins at the toll booth Enterrottach in Rottach-Egern at Tegernsee.