Tegernsee Badestellen

12 spots for bathing and swimming around Lake Tegernsee

With summer finally back, it’s time for a swim in the mountains! Servus Tegernsee recommends 12 beautiful bathing spots at Tegernsee with a mountain panorama.

Bathing Areas in Gmund

Badeufer Seepromenade Gmund

The bathing shore in Gmund runs from the Mangfallsteg to the Seeglas lido along the lake promenade. The water on the shore is knee-deep, making it suitable for bathing with children. Just before the Seeglas lido there is a large adventure playground with public toilets. Head to the pebble beach on the lake promenade in Gmund if you’Re looking to avoid the worst of the Tegernsee crowds.

Address: Seepromenade, Gmund
Parking: Parkplatz am Volksfestplatz
Public transport:Bushaltestelle Maximilian, Gmund

Strandbad Seeglas

The Seeglas lido is located in Gmund at Tegernsee, next to the Café & Restaurant Seeglas. The café’s large sunny terrace borders the sunbathing area and offers a magnificent view of the sunset on the opposite bank. The bathing area is popular with parents and children because of it’s sandy beach, the shallow waters and the large adventure playground on the lake promenade next door. There are showers and toilets next to the beach. Bonus: The car park is free for the first two hours.

Address: Seeglas 1, Gmund
Parking: Parkplatz Strandbad
Public transport:Bus stop Seeglas

Strandbad Kaltenbrunn

Admission to the Kaltenbrunn lido is free and there is a kiosk with 100 seats right on the lake. Free toilets, changing rooms and outdoor showers are available. In the outdoor pool area there is a large sunbathing lawn with partially shaded sunbathing areas. The shallow waters here make it a great spot for bathing with small children at Tegernsee.

Address: Gmund/Seeglas-Kaltenbrunn 3
Parking: Parkplatz Strandbad Kaltenbrunn
Public transport:Bus stop Parksiedlung, Gmund

Waakirchner Strand

The Waakirchner beach is an idyllic, relatively unknown bathing spot on Lake Tegernsee. The unobstructed view over the lake to the south to the Tegernsee mountains is particularly beautiful. The pebble beach is flat and the bathing area is pleasantly shaded. Sanitary facilities and a kiosk can be found at the nearby lido in Kaltenbrunn.

Address: Kaltenbrunn, Gmund
Parking: Parkplatz Kaltenbrunn
Public transport:Bus stop Kaltenbrunn, Gmund

Bathing Areas in Tegernsee

Strandbad Tegernsee

The Tegernsee lido is part of the monte mare complex and is located at the northern end of the Tegernsee promenade. It is a comparatively quiet lido with a well-kept sunbathing area and parasol / lounger rentals. The pebble beach has a non-swimmer area marked with buoys. Visitors will also find a bathing jetty with a diving tower and a children’s area with a water slide. A restaurant with an outdoor area borders directly on the lawn. Changing rooms, showers and toilets are available. The lido at monte mare is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet bathing spot on Lake Tegernsee. Or those looking to combine their stay with a visit to the lake sauna.

Address: Hauptstraße 63, Tegernsee
Entry:2.50 Euro (free for kids under 6)
Parking: Parkplatz Seesauna
Public transport:Bus stop Seesauna

Strandbad Point

The lido on the Point Peninsula is one of the most popular bathing spots on Lake Tegernsee. There is a kiosk with a terrace right on the shore. From the peninsula you can enjoy fantastic views of the lake – particularly recommended at sunset. The bathing beach is one of the few sandy beaches on Lake Tegernsee, but the water gets a bit rocky, which is why bathing shoes are recommended. Be careful with young children as the shore drops off quickly. Visitors can find both sunny and shady spots on the large sunbathing lawn. There are also two beach volleyball courts and a sports field on the site. Take a short walk to the Großer Paraplui for stunning views of the lake.

Address: Überfahrtweg 1, Tegernsee
Parking: Parkplatz Freizeitanlage Point
Public transport:Bus stop Tegernsee Leeberg

Bathing Areas in Rottach-Egern

Freibadestelle Popperwiese

The Tegernsee bathing area Popperwiese is particularly popular with locals and is officially called See-Strandbad Ringsee. The Kiosk Strandhütte Ringsee at Popperwiese sells salads, steaks, snacks, ice cream and cakes as well as small daily specials, from April to October. There is a lawn, many trees, a children’s playground and a beach volleyball court. The entrance to the lake is flat, but a bit rocky. Parking and public toilets are available.

Address: Weißachdamm, Rottach-Egern
Parking: Parkplatz an der Strandhütte
Public transport:Bus stop Kreuth-Riedsäge, from here 15 min. walk

See- & Warmbad Rottach-Egern

The See- & Warmbad Rottach-Egern is one of the most popular and child-friendly outdoor pools on Lake Tegernsee. Admission for bathers is inexpensive and there is plenty on offer: different swimming pools, a large water slide, a lazy river, whirlpools, paddling pools for small children and a private section of beach on Lake Tegernsee. Visitors will find a well-groomed lawn, a kiosk, changing rooms and showers.

Address: Nördliche Hauptstraße 35, Rottach-Egern
Entry:from 4 Euro (reductions possible, free for kids under 7)
Parking: Salitererweg 2, Rottach-Egern
Public transport:Bushaltestelle Rottach-Egern Seeforum

Bathing Areas in Bad Wiessee

Strandbad Abwinkl

Beautiful bathing beach with free entry and a large, well-kept sunbathing area. There is a kiosk right next to the lawn with everything you need for a day at the lake: ice cream, cake, fries, homemade drinks, small dishes as well as vegetarian dishes. A beach volleyball court and several table tennis tables are also available. The nearest toilets can be found at the Kurpark Abwinkl.

Address: Sonnenfeldweg 22, Bad Wiessee
Parking: Parkplatz am Strandbad
Public transport:Bus stop Hotel Bussi Baby

Badeplatz Seerose

The Seerose bathing area is located at the southern end of Bad Wiessee and only a few hundred meters from the municipal beach. From the pebble beach, you can see the nearby Ringsee island and the Ducal Tegernsee Castle opposite. The Seerose bathing area does not have any facilities such as showers or a kiosk, but entry is free and the sunbathing area is rarely overcrowded. Toilets can be found at the Aquadome or at the Kurpark Abwinkl.

Address: Seerosenweg 6, Bad Wiessee
Public transport:Bus stop Abwinkl, Bad Wiessee

Gemeindestrand Bad Wiessee

The Bad Wiessee municipal beach is only a few hundred meters away from the Seerose bathing area. The view of the opposite Tegernsee Castle is beautiful, the pebble beach is pleasant, but the facilities are rather sparse. Toilets can be found at the Aquadome or at the Kurpark Abwinkl. Admission is free and the well-kept sunbathing lawn is rarely overcrowded.

Address: Ringseeweg 21, Bad Wiessee
Public transport:Bus stop Krinner Hof, Bad Wiessee

Strandbad Grieblinger

For the sake of completeness, we should also mention the Grieblinger lido, which used to be open to the public. Today, this bathing area at Lake Tegernsee is no longer accessible for day bathers, although it is still described as such on some websites. It’s really a pity – the lido is located directly on the Breitenbach tributary into Lake Tegernsee, has a flat pebble beach and is practically located at the northern end of the lake promenade.

Other bathing spots nearby

Already tested all the spots at Tegernsee? 10 Kilometer further east you’ll find similarly stunning bathing areas at Schliersee.

  1. Are there sandy beaches at Tegernsee?

    Freely accessible sandy beaches can be found at Strandbad Point and Strandbad Seeglas. With entrance fee at the See- and Warmbad Rottach-Egern.

  2. How is the water quality for swimming at Tegernsee?

    The European Environment Agency EEA has certified the Tegernsee as having excellent water quality. This is mainly thanks to a rapid water exchange due to the many inflows and outflows around the lake as well as the ring sewage system built in 1965, preventing waste water from entering the lake.