Die Rottachfall-Kaskaden

Rottach Waterfall

The Rottach Waterfall (also known as Rottachfall) is the second waterfall worth seeing along the Enterrottach Toll Road, after the Sibli Waterfall. It is located between the Rottach-Egern district of Tegernsee and Spitzingsee.

About the Rottachfall

Address: Enterrottach Toll Road
Type:Cascade waterfall
Public transport:RVO bus 9560 from Tegernsee Station

Hiking to the Rottach Waterfall

There are two hiking trails to choose from. Both are well-maintained and signposted:

1. Start of the trail: Toll Station Car Park

The logical option is to park at the toll station car park in front of the toll barrier and hike one kilometer uphill along the Rottach to the waterfalls. The hike is doable with a buggy, we recommend an off-road buggy or bike trailer such as a Thule.

Wanderweg zum Rottachfall
Trail to the waterfall in autumn

The paths directly around the waterfall include several stairs but are generally very easy to walk.

Path to the Rottach Waterfall

2. Start of the trail: Kistenwinterstube Car Park

Alternatively, you can drive by car or take the RVO bus along the toll road to the Kistenwinterstube car park. From here, a signposted hiking trail takes you downhill to the Rottachfall. The distance is about 1.5 kilometers. The path from the Kistenwinterstube car park is a little longer and steeper than from the toll station car park, but overall it is a relatively easy hike.

Cascde waterfall and pools known as “Gumpen”
  1. Can I drive to the Rottach Waterfall?

    The Rottachfall can only be reached by car via the toll road from Rottach-Egern. There are a few parking spaces along the road near the waterfall. More parking spaces can be found at the toll station car park (before the toll barrier) or at the Kistenwinterstube car park (after the toll barrier). From here you’ll need to be able to walk at least half an hour up or down hill, depending where you park.

  2. Can I visit the waterfall in winter?

    You can visit the Rottachfall all year round, also in winter. During the winter months the path and stairs can become icy and caution is advised.

  3. Is the path to the Rottach Waterfall buggy-friendly?

    The only way to visit the Rottach Waterfall with a stroller is from the toll station car park, not from the Kistenwinterstube car park. The last few meters involve several steps down to the waterfall, but there’s plenty of space to park a buggy or kinderwagen beforehand.


The Rottach waterfall is consdiered one of the most spectacular sights at Tegernsee for good reason. The impressive cascade waterfall can be visited all year round and is accessible by car or by public transport and a short walk.