Tegernsee Phantastisch Indoor Spielplatz

Tegernsee Phantastisch Indoor Arena

A truly unique indoor playground awaits families in Kreuth (Tegernsee) at Tegernsee Phantastisch. This fascinating playground consists of two halls: Tegernsee World and Tegernsee Magic as well at the “Tegernsee Ökologia” room, where older children and adults can learn about the ecology of the region and the regional impact of climate change.

The Tegernsee World provides an unforgettable play experience for children under 1.40 m. Little visitors will be whisked away into a magical world exploring the swing carousel (“Kettenkarussell), a virtual underwater world in the aquarium and the beautiful wooden “houses” connected via bridges and slides. The Tegernsee Magic Hall houses further unique attractions such as the Warrior Parcours, where brave adventurers can prove their skills in a race against the clock.

Immerse yourself in a world of fun and entertainment as you explore the two unique halls. The indoor playground offers a variety of exciting activities for children and adults of all ages. From interactive ecology exhibits to breathtaking attractions like the world’s largest glass bouldering wall, a trampoline course, a high ropes course, a 5D cinema and much more – there is something for everyone here!

What distinguishes the Tegernsee Phantastisch indoor arena from other “Indoor Spielplätze” is the particularly pleasant atmosphere accompanied by really fantastic service. The facility places the highest value on quality and cleanliness, so parents can relax while their children play carefree.

Toddler Area

Immediately after the entrance, on the left below the restaurant, is the toddler area. Children between 12 months and 3 years feel particularly comfortable here. The little ones can play at the tut-tut table while slightly older toddlers get the “chicken eggs” up into the marble run.

Toddler area with marble run and play tables

Trampoline Arena

Older kids will enjoy “Tegernsee Magic” to the rear of the complex with it’s interactive trampoline arena in a darkened room. The trampolines are suitable for both beginners and experienced jumpers, although the minimum height is 1.40 meters. Experience says that these rules are usually not so strictly on quiet days. Advanced climbers can put their acrobatic skills to the test in the demarcated area.

Climbing Arena – Tegernsee Phantastisch High Ropes Course

Another popular activity at Tegernsee Phantastisch is the high ropes course, where adventure seekers can test their dexterity and body control. The high ropes course offers various routes with different levels of difficulty and thus provides challenges for both beginners and experienced climbers.


However long you’re hear, you’ll no doubt enjoy the chance for refreshments. The restaurant inside the arena has a prominent Italian touch. Visitors can look forward to delicious pizzas, focaccia, and tramezzini that are freshly made and come with a variety of optional toppings. Those with a sweet tooth with be glad to hear they’ll be able to find a selection of delicious cakes and local ice creams.

Ticket Prices 2023

Visitors can chose their tickets depending on how much time they have available:

90 minute ticket: ab EUR 20
180 minute ticket: from EUR 28
Family & Friends: 5 people & more / from EUR 135

Opening Hours Tegernsee Phantastisch Indoor Arena

Weekdays: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Weekends: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm


Although not cheap, the Tegernsee Phantastisch Indoor Arena is a fantastic day out for holidaymakers in the regions and day-trippers from Munich. The entrance fee is particularly worthwhile for children between the ages of 8 and 14.

Directions & Parking

Ringbergweg 21
83700 Kreuth