Walchenklamm Gorge

The Walchenklamm at Sylvensteinsee is a gorge with depths of up to 20 meters and stunning overhanging rock faces. The best view of the gorge with its waterfalls and pools is from the bridge at the southern end of the hiking trail. 

Brücke über die Walchenklamm
Bridge over the gorge

The river Walchen flows through the Walchenklamm, which rises as the Seeache from the Achensee and flows through the gorge until it reaches the Isar river. Visitors can explore the gorge along the many narrow paths around the main bridge. Appropriate caution is advised in wet conditions! From the bridge you can watch kayakers battle their way through the waters – the gorge is a section of the popular kayak tour along the eastern Sylvensteinsee.

The Walchenklamm Gorge is located at the eastern end of the Sylvensteinsee in the Bad-Tölz/Wolfratshausen district, which is why, strictly speaking, is doesn’t have that much to do with Tegernsee. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic excursion destination from Tegernsee, especially for those staying in Kreuth with their own car.

Parking at the Walchenklamm Gorge

Those arriving by car can find a pay and display hikers car park directly on the opposite side of the road from the German Alpenstrasse. From the car park it is only a few hundred meters on foot to the gorge.

Location of the Gorge