almwirtschaft siebenhuetten

Family-friendly hike to Siebenhütten (easy, 4km, 70m elevation)

The hike to the Siebenhütten alpine hut is one of the best family hikes near Munich and quite possibly the very best atTegernsee. The Alm rests amongst the Blauberge, the Tegernsee Mountains, beautifully situated at the confluence of several mountain streams. Stroller-friendly and great fun for kids, this easy hike south of Lake Tegernsee packs all the punches with stunning landscape and an impressive mountain panorama.

Trail Details (round-trip)

 4 km
 1 hr 15 mins
 70m elevation

Directions & Parking

If you are travelling by car you can start the hike at the Siebenhütten Car Park or alternatively from the Wildbad Kreuth Hiking Car Park. Those travelling via public transport will need to take the BRB from Munich to Tegernsee station and change here to the RVO bus towards “Stuben/Pertisau”, getting off at the stop “Siebenhütten”. Bikers will find a great 15km bike trail from Tegernsee to Siebenhütten.


This is the perfect perfect trail for beginners and those with young kids. You won’t even need to bring hiking shoes or snacks for the hike to Siebenhütten: Strictly speaking, it is more of a walk with beautiful mountain views than a proper hike. And you can get food on arrival at the Alm. Whichever car park you start from, you can expect only around 70 meter elevation along the 2km walk to Siebenhütten. The wide forrest paths make the trail safe for young kids and suitable for strollers.

wanderung nach siebenhuetten
Only 50m elevation to Siebenhütten

Arriving at the Alm you feel like you’re high up in the mountains at a “proper” mountain hut. Siebenhütten is in fact only at 835 meters above sea level and offers a magnificent view of the imposing Blauberge mountain chain south of Lake Tegernsee. After a short stop at the Alm, you can take the same path back to the car park or make a round-trip out of it via the other car park.

radweg tegernsee siebenhuetten 04
Wide hiking trail along the Hofbauernweißach

Siebenhütten Mountain Hut

At Siebenhütten, value has always been placed on the long-standing tradition of the Alm. The ingredients of the Bavarian snacks come from the region, for example from the natural cheese dairy Tegernseer Land. The beer of course comes from the Herzogliches Brauhaus Tegernsee up the road.

getraenke siebenhuetten
Grab yourself a cool drink from the Alm’s “vending machine”

Since summer 2022 there is only a limited range of food and drinks available at the Alm: a couple of smaller warm dishes as well as simple sandwiches and cakes.

siebenhuetten am tegernsee 02
Bench seating along the traditional alm

Despite the large number of visitors particularly in summer, you can usually always find a seat in the beer garden.

biergarten siebenhuetten
Beer garden in autumn

Perfect for kids

Good to know: This easy hike is made for families with kids. Half way to Siebenhütten you’ll reach the shallow Hofbauernweißach, perfect for splashing and throwing stones. The mountain stream runs parallel to the trail and thanks to the wide river bed, when the water level is low, you can walk right along the water to Siebenhütten. The wide forest path is perfect for most strollers. On arrival you’ll find a large playground as well as plenty of benches for weary feet.

siebenhuetten mit kindern
Hike to Siebenhütten with kids

History of Siebenhütten

In the past, seven alpine huts were operated in the area by the seven farmers from Kreuth. King Max Joseph of Bavaria kept several hundred goats in these huts. The whey obtained was used for medicinal and spa baths in Bad Kreuth (today Wildbad Kreuth). The entire area has been owned by the House of Wittelsbach, one of the oldest German aristocratic families, since the early 19th century.

Extending the hike

A half-hour walk from the Almwirtschaft Siebenhütten takes you to the start of the Wolfsschlucht gorge, on the way to the Schildenstein. The hiking trail takes you through the middle of a stunning rocky gorge to the first of two waterfalls. In total you’ll need about an hour from Siebenhütten to walk to the end of the Wolfsschlucht gorge. With so much to discover in the wide river bed you might however want to plan extra time if you’re with kids!

A gentle addition to the hike to Siebenhütten takes you south from Wildbad Kreuth in the Weißach valley along the Weißach river. Here you can stop at the Ducal Fish Farm Wildbad Kreuth for fresh fish and a glass of wine. A longer hike takes you up tp the famous Königsalm.

  1. When are the opening times at Siebenhütten?

    The Alm is open daily from May to October, as long as there is no snowfall, until 5pm. Siebenhütten is closed in winter due to the danger of avalanches on the hiking trail and for wildlife reasons.


This place is steeped in local history and is has been one of the most popular destinations for a day out near Lake Tegernsee for many decades. You wont find many other easy family-friendly hikes with such an impressive mountain panorama.