The King’s Alm (Königsalm)

The Klammbach murmurs, cowbells ring and the fantastic views belie the comparatively low altitude of the Königsalm (1115 m). A fan of this magnificent mountain region around Tegernsee, Maximilian I King of Bavaria had the representative King’s Alm (Königsalm) built at the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is one of the most popular managed alpine huts southwest of Lake Tegernsee, reachable via easy hiking trails for young and old.

Refreshments at the King’s Alm

The menu here features simple but tasty snacks. There are Brotzeitbrettl (snack boards), traditional chive and lard bread as well as various cakes. Fresh buttermilk and various drinks are also on offer. The prices are particularly fair and the ingredients are sourced largely from the immediate area if not from the alm itself.

Brotzeit an der Königsalm
A quick bite at the Alm

Hiking trail from Kreuth/Klamm to Königsalm

The main hiking trail to the Königsalm starts at the hiking car park in Klamm/Königsalm. Starting at the car park, the trail runs a little less than 4 kilometers in a southerly direction. The path is kept in great condition, is well signposted and easily manageable for young and old. Those heading to the Königsalm with small children are advised to use an off-road buggy/stroller, Thule trailer or similar. The route is also suitable for mountain bikes and e-bikes.

Wanderung zur Königsalm
Hiking trail to Königsalm
Parking & Starting Point: Hiking Car Park Klamm/Königsalm
Distance:4 km
Duration:1 hour
Elevation:300 m
Stroller-friendly:Yes (off-road / trailer)
Public Transport:BRB train to Tegernsee, further with the RVO Bus 9550 / 9556 to Kreuth Klamm

Trail from the car park to the King’s Alm:

Hike from Siebenhütten to the King’s Alm

Alternatively, you can hike from the Siebenhütten car park to the Königsalm. Shortly after the start at the car park, the signposted hiking trail branches off to the right. The path is initially flat, but gains in altitude up to the private and unmanaged Geißalm.

From the Geißalm the trail continures with stunning views of the Blauberg mountains to the Königsalm. The path from Siebenhütten to the Königsalm is a bit more demanding than from the Klamm/Königsalm hiking car park, but both alternatives are considered easy hikes without any really tricky sections or steep inclines.

Zur Königsalm wandern
Trail through the woods to the King’s Alm
Parking & Starting Point: Siebenhütten Hiking Car Park
Distance:4 km
Duration:1:15 hrs
Elevation:380 m
Public Transport:BRB train to Tegernsee, further with the RVO bus 9550 / 9556 to the Siebenhütten bus stop.

Trail from the car park to the King’s Alm:

A historical excursion to the Königsalm

Maximilian I King of Bavaria had the Königsalm built in 1818. Architecturally, the historically significant alm is more reminiscent of a noble hunting lodge than a mountain hut. For the king, the alm had a high representative value: At the time of the Wittelsbach family in the early 19th century, prominent guests such as the young Sisi or the Russian Tsarina Alexandra stayed in the cavaliers house of the Königsalm. Back then, the bedrooms were upstairs and the dining room downstairs. Today the gastronomy and staff accommodation are housed in the cavaliers quarters.

Kavaliersbau at the King’s Alm

Alpine Farming

Between 50 and 100 cattle as well as several mountain horses spend the summer on the extensive alpine meadows at the King’s Alm. In late summer, other animals from the surrounding alpine pastures are brought to join them.

Hiking trails nearby

The alpine pasture from the 18th century can be reached as an independent, easy hiking destination or as part of a more demanding tour. For example after climbing the Schildenstein or the Halserspitze.

  1. Opening Hours at the King's Alm

    Please note the alm is only open between the beginning of June and the end of September!