Regen am Tegernsee /- Day out in the rain

Rain, rain, go away… 6 tips for a rainy day at Tegernsee

Day out at Tegernsee and rain throws a spanner in the works? If the weather doesn’t play along with your plans, don’t despair! Grab yourself some inspiration from our six tips for rainy weather and discover the beauty of the Tegernsee valley and surrounding Mangfall mountains despite the rain.

A delight for the senses at the Kreuth Natural Cheese Dairy

reifekeller naturkaeserei tegernsee 2
Maturing cellar at the Natural Cheese Dairy

A visit to the natural cheese dairy in Kreuth is a must for gourmets and cheese lovers alike and a rainy day is the perfect opportunity. During a guided tour through the maturing cellar with one of the master cheesemakers, visitors can learn everything about the traditional production of delicious mountain cheese and experience first-hand how a wide variety of speciality products are made using hay milk according to the “Purity Law”. A small tasting is included in the price but you’ll want to leave room for a visit to the restaurant to generous portions of delicious cheese-based dishes with views into the production hall.

Fun for the family at Tegernsee Phantastisch Indoor Arena

Day out at Tegernsee Phantastish during the rain

For families with children, the Tegernsee Phantastisch indoor playground is the ideal destination for a rainy day. The lovingly designed play area offers countless opportunities for exploring, climbing, and playing. The imaginatively crafted play worlds invite little adventurers to slip into different roles and unleash their creativity. While the children let off steam, parents can relax in a cosy, Italian-inspired café within view of their little ones.

Watch the rain from inside the sauna ship at the Tegernsee Lakeside Sauna

When the weather outside is unpleasant, there’s nothing better than a relaxing wellness day at the Tegernsee lakeside sauna. The sauna landscape offers not only a variety of saunas and steam baths but also a breathtaking view of the lake. Enjoy the cozy warmth and treat yourself to one of the various wellness packages on offer. A day at the lakeside sauna makes for the perfect break for the body and mind, even if you dont manage to catch a spot in the sauna ship ‘Irmingard’.

Discover new sights and sounds on a mystical hike in the rain in the Tegernsee mountains

Wandern Regen Tegernsee
Hiking through the rain south of Tegernsee

The otherwise well-known mountains surrounding Lake Tegernsee are transformed in the rain, oferring a whole new hiking experience. If you dress appropriately for the weather, you can enjoy a fantastic rainy hike through the picturesque forests and mountains around the lake. The fresh air, lush green hues of nature, and the mystical atmosphere during the rain make for a particularly unique experience. The Tegernsee area offers a variety of well-marked hiking trails suitable for all levels of experience, many along wide, surfaced tracks or passing through heavily wooded areas, making for the perfect choice for a rainy day hike.

Healing relaxation at the iodine-sulfur pool in Bad Wiessee

Aussenansicht Eingang JodSchwefelbad BadWiessee MatteoThun Partners Credit JensWeber 1
The impressive entrance to the Jod Schwefelbad Bad Wiessee (Matteo Thun Partners Credit Jens Weber)

An afternoon at the Iodine-Sulfur Pool in Bad Wiessee offers not only a relaxing escape from the rain, it’s also beneficial for your health: here visitors will find the strongest iodine-sulfur springs in Germany. The soothing effect of the water and the pleasantly warm ambiance of the bath will help you quickly forget the weather, promising a rejuvenating break for both body and soul.

Embark on a journey back in time to the fascinating world of carriages at the Rottach-Egern Carriage Museum

Kutschenmuseum Tegernsee
Der Museum-Geheimtipp unterhalb des Wallbergs

The Gsotthaber Hof Carriage Museum in Rottach-Egern is a fascinating attraction for history enthusiasts and culture lovers. The exhibition showcases an impressive collection of historical carriages, sledges, and wagons from times gone by. During a guided tour, visitors can learn astonishing facts about the world of horse-drawn vehicles and the history of this method of transportation. The Carriage Museum is an ideal destination for the whole family on a rainy day at Lake Tegernsee.

And one final bonus tip….

Visit a local distillery and enjoy a superb brunch at SLYRS at Lake Schliersee

slyrs erlebniswelt 03 1024x768 1
SLYRS Experience World with distillery and shop

Just 20 minutes from Tegernsee in Neuhaus (Schliersee) awaits the SLYRS Experience World distillery and shop. Enthusiasts of fine spirits will have a wonderful time, especially on a rainy day, as they get to witness firsthand how the famous Bavarian single malt whisky is produced. During a guided tour through the distillery, visitors can learn all about the distillation process and the art of whisky-making here in the Bavarian pre-alps. Of course, a tasting of the exquisite products is an essential part of the experience 😉

So, don’t let the rain deter you, grab your umbrella and enjoy the diversity of Lake Tegernsee even in the rain!