Wolfsschlucht Gorge

The Wolfsschlucht is a scenic rocky gorge with two stunning waterfalls, south of Wildbad Kreuth near Tegernsee.

From the Siebenhütten alpine pasture it is about 2 kilometers south to the beginning of the Wolfsschlucht Gorge. The name “Wolfsschlucht” is no coincidence: it is a particularly impressive, heavily indented rock gorge.

schildenstein kleine wolfsschlucht 1 kreuth
The smaller of the two gorges at the Wolfsschlucht

The extremely photogenic hiking trail meanders through the Wolfsschlucht. First you come across the small Wolfsschlucht with the first waterfall worth seeing. Shortly thereafter follows the large Wolfsschlucht with the second spectacular waterfall.

schildenstein grosse wolfsschlucht
The waterfall at the end of the larger Wolfsschlucht gorge

The path is easily manageable for children and there is a lot for little ones to discover at both the waterfalls and along the wide river bed. Both waterfalls are easily accessible and perfect to dive under and cool off on a hot day.

Wolfsschlucht Panorama
View of the Wolfsschlucht from above

Hiking through the Wolfsschlucht

Two well-known hiking tours lead through the gorge south of Wildbad Kreuth: the hike to the Schildenstein and to the Halserspitze. Both are classified as difficult, with the Halserspitze being the more challenging of the two.


The infamous Siebenhütten alpine inn is on the way to the Wolfsschlucht. Stop at the Kreuth fishery near the hiking car park to grab some fresh fish for home.


An impressive sight with not one but two waterfalls. The Wolfsschlucht is a fantastic day out, either as an easy hike on its own or as part of a longer tour.

Location Wolfsschlucht