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Seehaus Café

The centrally located Seehaus Tegernsee is an all-rounder: A nice café with a wide range of breakfast options as well as a great evening location to sit with friends and enjoy the sunset. No matter when you time your visit, you will be impressed by the fantastic panoramic view of Lake Tegernsee and the surrounding mountains. The prime location on the water also guarantees larger crowds. Here at the Seehaus you will experience the hustle and bustle of Tegernsee up close – the promenade runs right through the middle of the terrace.

The Cafe

The Seehaus was built in 1850 as an annex to today’s town hall, which was built in 1682 as a school. Today as a café, it enjoys the reputation of being one of the best spots for coffee and cake on Lake Tegernsee.

seehaus tegernsee terrasse
The terrace overlooking the water

The terrace area is spacious, with seating options both on the water and set-back from the prommenade. On hot days a beautiful old chestnut tree offers shade. In the evenings, you’ll need to arrive early to grab a seat at the water – from here you can admire the sunset over Lake Tegernsee with a slice of Flammkuchen in one hand and a Spritz in the other. Perfect!

As beautiful as the view may be, the relaxation factor here is negatively influenced by the location directly on the promenade. Expect everyone who is taking a stroll along the lake or biking the Tegernsee circuit to walk right past your table.

The Food

Don’t expect any particular highlights on breakfast menu at the Seehaus Cafe. Here you’ll find the usual breakfast selection of croissants, pretzels, eggs, sausage and cheese. Weisswurst is also served until 12 noon.

The standard menu is a bit more diverse and on Mondays things get interesting with the weekly Flammkuchen Day. You can choose from nine different Flammkuchen variations, which are served on a wooden board. In addition to the classic “Alsace” tarte flambée, you can expect somewhat unusual creations such as “Greek”, “Mexican” and “Indian”. We recommend the “Bavaria” Flammkuchen with Obazda, bacon, onions and roasted onions.

The coffee at Seehaus Tegernsee comes the Baruli coffee roastery located in the nearby Chiemgau region. Many of the coffee specialties are also available in organic quality. The beer of course comes straight from the Tegernsee brewery around the corner (Helles). The wheat beer is supplied by the speciality Hopf Weissbierbrauerei from Miesbach.

Breakfast is served from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., hot meals from 12 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. A special lunch menu is available on weekdays until 2 p.m.


You can’t get much closer to Lake Tegernsee than this. This is reflected however both in the prices and the waiting times. Only early birds can be sure of securing one of the coveted seats right on the water. The cafe is particularly very well suited as a stopover on a bike tour around Lake Tegernsee and is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset over the water. Card payments from €25.

Opening Hours

Thursday to Tuesday 10:00 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed Wednesdays

Directions & Contact

Seehaus Tegernsee
Rathauspl. 1a
83684 Tegernsee